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We are past the time when business strategies were bulky text documents that the board reviewed once a year. Technology is changing the way we do business at such a rate that the verb “disrupt” has lost its meaning. We are being disrupted almost every day.

Businesses that want to survive need to respond to changes as they happen. That is why it is crucial to have real-time visibility into your organization’s processes and performance. A Digital Twin of the Organization (DTO) enables you to do just that, giving you the power to make fact-based decisions and optimize your value chain on demand.

"Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire life cycle of an asset or process, and forming the foundation for connected products and services. A company that fails to respond will be left behind."

Thomas Kaiser
SAP Senior Vice President of IoT

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Building Your Digital Twin


Duration: 2 – 4 months

This involves setting up a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) to manage a single value chain within the business or the entire business. First, we analyze your data and develop a strategic plan, detailing your specific DTO objectives.

Next, we run a series of workshops with your business leaders to determine the right changes to make. Finally, we implement the necessary digital technology to make your DTO operational for a single value chain or the entire organization.

Business-wide DTO

Duration: Depends on company size

The approach for a company-wide DTO is the same as the one for proof-of-concept projects. In the beginning, Deep Value Transformation Partners is 100% involved in running your DTO and, in the final phase, our participation is reduced to just 10 percent.

We do our best to enable you to control your DTO internally and get to know your organization completely. That’s why we need you to take part as a top manager and help us engage your fellow board members. There is a transparent monthly compensation for this service, without hidden costs.

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