Discover, predict and optimize the future

4 years ago

Discover, predict and optimize the future

Discover, predict
and optimize the future

Deep Value Transformation Partners delivers an end-to-end solution that improves and empowers your organization. Business consultancy and Software Technology based on specific, in-depth knowledge and experience. Discover, predict, and optimize the future. Your future.

A collaboration with Deep Value often starts with a small, manageable project. This way you become familiar with the concept and discover the digital solutions to grow your business. Based on the results, you as a manager or director decide whether you want to move towards the digital transformation of the entire organization.


Duration: 2-4 months

Setting up a Digital Twin of an Organization (DTO) for (part of) the organization gives a tangible and insightful visualization of the entire process. Based on an analysis of sophisticated data, a document is developed that defines the strategic focal points within an organization. In order to determine the digital strategy, a series of workshops will be given to determine the necessary changes. The last step is to implement the new (digital) strategy in your organization and to support the preparations for a enterprise-wide DTO.

Enterprise-wide DTO

Duration: depends on company size

The approach of an enterprise-wide DTO is similar to the method used in the proof-of-concept. Our focus is on getting to know your organization in three phases, starting with a 100 percent involvement of Deep Value Transformation Partners – decreasing to 10 percent in the final phase. Your role as an executive manager is essential here, as is the involvement of fellow board members. The compensation is a fixed monthly amount, with no hidden costs.

Deep Value – Wingman

Deep Value is a collaboration between Eqeep Group BV and board members Pieter den Hollander and Onno Hektor. Pieter has earned his spurs in the DTO world over the past few years as a consultant and entrepreneur. Onno is a Six Sigma Black Belt and entrepreneur from the software industry.

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Profielfoto Onno Hektor