Visualize the actual performance of your IFS processes

The world is changing at lightning speed. That is why it is important to continuously monitor and improve processes. Process Mining can help you remove inefficiencies and bottlenecks from the organisation.

Process Mining for IFS

IFS is a crucial component for core operations within your company and plays a key role in enabling the achievement of your corporate goals. Although its importance, the presence of inefficiency, operational waste, and complexity threaten your ability to remain competitive.

With Process Mining Deep Value emerges as a solution to address these execution gaps, empowering you to release the full capacity of your processes so you can achieve exceptional results.

Deep Value provides end-to-end process transparency by integrating your IFS Cloud system with Process Mining.

How does it work?

Process Mining can be uses in three distincs and cumulative ways: process discovery, process conformance and process enhancement.


Analyze your business processes through a visualization of your data


Receive fact-based insights from event logs to make accurate diagnoses for your business processes


Enhance the quality of your decisions through continuous monitoring. Improve productivity with concrete actions in your daily business

Maximize the execution capacity of your IFS processes

From Purchase to Pay, Order to Cash to IT, Process Mining helps you improve your IFS processes in all of the ways that matter to your business. IFS records all events throughout the entire process. From this data, Process Mining recreates a map of the process to easily identify where inefficiencies occur, when they happen, which departments are involved, or which vendors/customers follow which process variations most frequently.

Use process mining to zoom in to particular areas and dig up the root cause.

By discovering specific inefficiencies and bottlenecks in your P2P, O2C, AP or AR process, you can improve the cash flow of your company and safeguard its constant growth.

  • Procurement: Reduce unmanaged spending, and achieve ‘perfect POs’
  • Accounts Payable: Pay on time, every time, and never miss a cash discount.
  • Order to Cash: Reduced order cycle time, expose bottlenecks and maximize On-Time Delivery
  • Accounts Receivable: Accelerate cash flow and increase productivity
  • IT: Eliminate systems migration or consolidation risk with perfect transparency


The IFS connector provides a standard and automated way to analyse and extract your IFS data. Within the Process Mining software you can scroll through and see if everything is recognized correctly and if the preview fits your needs.

Comprehensive end-to-end solutions

Our comprehensive end-to-end solutions include fully built extraction pipelines that capture the entire scope of your processes, ensuring that no relevant IFS data is missed during analysis These pipelines are part of comprehensive solutions built for key IFS processes, which include dashboards for your managers to track all relevant process performance indicators.

Seamlessly integrating with non-IFS data

Do you need to combine IFS data with non-IFS data to get a full picture of your end-to-end process? Don’t worry, our integration solutions offer seamless integration between IFS and non-IFS data, enabling you to gain a holistic view of your end-to-end process. Our intuitive no-code “extract-transform-load” (ETL) solutions allows Business Analysts to integrate IFS and non-IFS data sets with just a few simple clicks. There is no need for lengthy and complicated coding. Explore our ETL solution and learn more.

What are the benefits
of Process Mining for your IFS solution?

Increase productivity:

By identifying and eliminating execution gaps, such as manual rework. To identify internal best practices, compare geographies, facilities, and more. Find opportunities to automate process steps, freeing your employees to focus on strategic priorities.

Ensure Compliance:

By identifying violations and proactively suggesting process changes and automations that prevent future violations. To improve business processes and avoid business risks, streamline approvals, timelines, and exceptions. Benchmark process execution and set the right focus upfront before an audit.

Streamline System Migrations:

Gain unparalleled insight into your as-is processes and user behaviour. Identify gaps pre-migration. During configuration, design and test templates and models to ensure seamless implementation. Measure performance and adoption post go-live to accelerating your migration and de-risking your project’s success.

Business knowledge and experience

We combine a pragmatic and personalized approach with business knowledge and experience. We use best practice versions of diverse methodologies and uphold strict standards for the quality of our results and deliverables. The project result is our most important business card!


The fundamentals of Process Mining

With Process Mining, you can bridge the gap between the drawing board and day-to-day operations. Discover where to optimize and start improving your bottom line today.

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