Visualize the actual performance of your processes

The world is changing at lightning speed. That is why it is important to continuously monitor and improve processes. Process Mining can help you remove inefficiencies and bottlenecks from the organization.

What is process mining?

Process mining is designed to identify and eliminate the gap between fiction and reality of business processes by extracting knowledge available in your information systems. Process mining helps you audit, analyze, and improve your existing business processes by answering both compliance-related and performance-related questions.

The most compelling reason to consider process mining is those process inefficiencies are responsible for 25% of revenue leakage. Process mining can help eradicate unnecessary steps in your workflows and bring them to optimum performance.

Regardless of whether you are looking to optimize your Finance, Manufacturing, or Customer Service operations, process mining offers benefits to your entire organization.

How does it work?

Process mining can be used in three distinct and cumulative ways: process discovery, process conformance and process enhancement.


Analyze your business processes through a visualization of your data


Receive fact-based insights from event logs to make accurate diagnoses for your business processes


Enhance the quality of your decisions through continuous monitoring. Improve productivity with concrete actions in your daily business

What are the benefits
of Process Mining?

Helps reduce waste

By visually mapping end-to-end processes, process mining helps identify waste, simplify processes and eliminate exceptions.

Foundation for Task and Process Automation:

Process mining helps identify opportunities for automation, as well as monitor the performance of and how to improve them.

Process Compliance:

By using the information recorded in the event logs, EA and TI leaders can identify process steps that are not aligned with architecture guidelines.

Diagnoses Processes Quickly:

Process mining eliminates the need for interviews and extracts the necessary information from existing IT systems.

Identifies Root Causes:

Process mining facilitates the identification of the drivers of errors, delays, inefficiencies, etc.

See how your ideal situation compares with reality

In theory, business processes should reflect real-world processes. But this can only be in an ideal world. In the real world, there is a huge mismatch between the drawing board and real-life operations. This creates inefficiencies, customer and employee dissatisfaction and in the end, affects your bottom line negatively.

Use process mining to zoom in to particular areas and dig up the root cause.

Process Mining helps you to understand how your business processes actually work in the world (not how they should work). Optimize your existing processes based on live data from your systems. Simulate process changes, run “what-if” scenarios, and do scenario-based forecasting. Implement an organization-wide source of truth that enables you to spot and fix process inefficiencies as they arise.

Optimize your processes to get to your ideal situation.

Use KPIs to measure the the performance of your end-to-end processes. Filter based on your interests and responsibility, whether that’s cost per invoice, lead times or net promoter score. See what’s working and what’s not – and how to keep optimizing. You can easily navigate through your all your processes and compare the desired situation with reality to make the necessary changes. 


The fundamentals of Process Mining

With Process Mining, you can bridge the gap between the drawing board and day-to-day operations. Discover where to optimize and start improving your bottom line today.

Common Questions

Focus on use cases that would result in measurable value: For example, use process mining to support operations related to customer interactions to discover and improve customer experience; measure the impact on customer retention to demonstrate the impact of process mining.

Identify data alternatives: if the activity has no applications involved, a simple web form capturing basic data and providing an automatic timestamp can be created. Process mining can be started on limited readily available data sets, identifying the need for additional data in the next iteration.

Focus on training a core group of process owners: Deep Value can help your team of process owners get up to speed by providing training, knowledge and assistance.

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