Digital Twin

Deep Value Challenge

Your key to unlocking €250,000

Every company, large and small, runs their core processes and operations through a complex mix of tens, if not hundreds, of different systems. And hey, business is complex — and that complexity ties up execution capacity and hampers business performance.

That’s why we launched the Deep Value Challenge because we’re sure there’s at least €250,000 of capacity locked up in your business processes.

It's not every day that someone offers you €250,000....

But that is exactly what we are going to do. We are convinced that with our Digital Twin technology we can free up at least €250,000 in unused capacity in your organization.

How do we know this? Our Digital Twin technology is able to integrate all your fragmented data, processes, and systems into one powerful platform. This gives you real-time insight into all your processes and tells you exactly where you need to optimize in order to achieve your goals.

We help you find at least €250,000 in your business processes

Here's how it works

  1. Aanmelden
    Vul het onderstaande formulier in als je geïnteresseerd bent om deel te nemen aan de Deep Value Challenge.
  2. Bevestiging deelname
    We plannen een gesprek in om te bepalen of je in aanmerking komt voor de Challenge. Als je in aanmerking komt, plannen we jouw capaciteitsanalyse en gaan we aan de slag.
  3. Capaciteitsanalyse
    Tijdens de analyse wordt de verborgen capaciteit binnen jouw bedrijfsprocessen in kaart gebracht. Het wordt dan ook duidelijk waar de knelpunten zitten en waardoor ze veroorzaakt worden.
  4. Digitaal Dashboard
    Onze capaciteitsanalyse levert jou een digitaal rapport op dat laat zien waar in het bedrijf capaciteit vastzit en hoe je middels de Digital Twin technology van Deep Value de waarde hiervan kunt ontsluiten.

Are you up for the challenge?

After signing up and qualifying, we will work together to execute our unique capacity assessment.

Many companies are missing out on money because of the complexity of their business processes and systems. We know from experience that there is at least €250,000 of capacity locked up in your business – Which is why we are giving you the key to unlock that value. 

If we don't discover at least €250 thousand in trapped capacity, you will pay €0 for the analysis.