Why your organization may need a Digital Twin Now

In this ebook, we give you more than 15 reasons why your organization may need a Digital Twin. Download the ebook to find out whether or not you need a DTO.

According to Thomas Kaiser, SAP Senior Vice President of IoT: “Digital twins are becoming a business imperative, covering the entire life cycle of an asset or process and forming the foundation for connected products and services. A company that fails to respond will be left behind.”

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In this ebook

Why you may need a Digital Twin now

Why you may need a Digital Twin

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What is a Digital Twin?

A digital twin can be defined as a software representation of a physical system, process, or assets designed for the optimization of organizational processes through real-time analytics. In other words, a digital twin is the virtual model of a physical product, process, or service.

A DTO is essentially a structured model that brings all of your business data together, on a single dashboard. Once your organization’s digital twin is created, you can instantly see the operational bottlenecks, the processes that are stagnating, and any duplicate or weak services. But, more than that, a DTO allows you to monitor, control, and continuously optimize your organization.

Frequently asked questions

It depends on the scale you want to start with. We recommend starting small, for example with a department or a particular process you want to improve. After that, you can choose to apply it on a larger scale. We typically deliver a proof of value in 12-16 weeks.

You can choose to implement a Digital Twin outside your current IT landscape. Once it becomes clear where the bottlenecks and blind spots are in the processes and data, it can be seamlessly fitted into your current IT architecture. We make use of existing data and reporting systems, such as BI, data warehouses, and data lakes. This means you don't have to start from scratch when implementing a Digital Twin.

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